List of Useful Transition Words for Compare and Contrast Essays

The effective use of transition words is a key to great assignment writing. When it comes to writing a compare and contrast essay it’s a good idea to keep a list of good words to use when moving from one idea to the next. These words, presented by MyPaperWriter will help the reader understand exactly what it is you are trying to convey and can make your paper significantly more effective. Here’s a list to have handy as well as examples on how to use them:

Words showing comparisons:

  • In the same way – “In the same way fruit flies can on occasion multiply into a population well into the hundreds of thousands, just like the common housefly.”
  • Similarly – “Similarly, the Boston Red Sox used sabermetrics to build a team that within one year found much success and went on to win the World Series.”
  • Likewise – “Likewise, adolescent boys tend to develop poor sleeping habits as a result of unhealthy diets containing too much sugar”
  • In like manner – “In like manner a career in engineering is also accomplished much more easily when students engage in hands-on training.”

Words showing contrast:

  • Nevertheless – “Nevertheless, the better option is one in which one implements a system of gradual weight loss over a period of several weeks.”
  • Rather than – “Rather than trying to cram everything into one or two nights prior to the exam, students tend to do much better when they study over the course of several days.”
  • Despite this – “Despite this there is still one major difference in how one might find greater success by attending in-person classes: that’s peer participation.”
  • Still another — “Still another reason why you should always have a health check more frequently is because many health problems will not show any symptoms.”

Words that do both:

  • By the same token – “By the same token you can also gain a lot of practical experience by simply watching a demonstration of the process.”
  • Conversely – “Conversely, one can begin to lose weight by first dieting and then starting a healthy exercise program thereafter.”
  • In contrast – “In contrast, gradually making small differences in the way one eats and in the amount of activity they do each day can have great effects.”
  • However – “However, if one merely passively reads the material they will have a harder time processing the information and recalling it when he or she needs to think on the spot.”