List of 18 Unique Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students

Whether you are a college student who has received a persuasive essay writing assignment, or an instructor trying to come up with fresh topic ideas, this list of 18 unique persuasive essay topics is a valuable resource:

  1. Do you think that females should be allowed to play along with males in certain collegiate sports where there is no gender advantage or disadvantage?
  2. Should people who are cited for playing music too loudly face a stricter fine? What would that fine be?
  3. Do you think that students in U.S. high schools should be required to take Spanish courses because it is the second largest language spoken in the country?
  4. Should the U.S. government increase its financial support in the space program to explore distant planets?
  5. Do you think that people traveling on airplanes should have to undergo tougher screenings than the ones that exist today?
  6. Should there be mandatory curfews for people under a certain age? What would be the ideal age for this curfew?
  7. Should people who download movies and music illegally face stricter punishments to help deter the act of acquiring files with paying?
  8. How should immigration laws be reformed to appease the most people who are concerned about the issue in the United States?
  9. Do you think that standardized tests in high school should be offered in other languages for ESL students with less than five years in the country?
  10. Do you believe the federal government in the U.S. should fully recognize civil unions made at the state level?
  11. Should companies be required to hire a specific amount of minorities based on the region’s population?
  12. Should children 13 and younger be allowed to watch music videos? What about other shows that run on music channels?
  13. Should scientists be allowed to test products intended for human use on animals or is the price of this too barbaric?
  14. Should teenagers be allowed to buy violent video games or should there be an adult age restriction on those games enforced by retailers?
  15. Should the government impose stricter federal restrictions on the content that is made available on the internet?
  16. Do you believe that people should have to get a license before having children? What would be a reasonable penalty for not having a license?
  17. Do you think high school and college athletes should be on the honor roll at their schools before they are allowed to participate in games?
  18. Should sexual education continue to be taught in public high schools? Do you think it should be a greater part of the curriculum?

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