List Of 18 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

There are several ways of writing an argumentative paper. These are generally deliberated over once you have made up your mind on the topic of the paper. And this is one of the most important ways in which you can gain success at a higher level: by selecting the right topic of the paper. The topic should be one that reflects the ideals of a good paper and at the same time combines the essentials of the paper as well.

The style of the topic

This might sound a little unfamiliar. But even topics or titles of academic papers have their own individual styles. This will come much later once you are confident about the scale and scope of the topic that you have selected.
The real important question here is how confident you are about the topic you have selected. There are some really important and interesting topics that can be deliberated over. Here are a few of those for your consideration.

18 good argumentative essay ideas college:

  1. Is it true that you can make more friends if you smoke?
  2. Should students of a school as teachers as their friends on social media?
  3. Is it true that you can never move beyond the perceived first impression of a person?
  4. Will you agree that conflicts are an integral part of any healthy relationship?
  5. Is making lecture attendance optional a good idea?
  6. Is it an obsolete concept to adopt ethics in business?
  7. Is it ethical for companies to copy the marketing campaigns of their competitors?
  8. Would it be apt to ban all energy drinks at once?
  9. Would you consider China a new superpower?
  10. Will it be professionals to allow access of social media sires to employees at work?
  11. Will it be wise for companies to send Happy Birthday wishes to clients?
  12. How prudent will it be to shorten Shakespeare’s plays to make them more interesting?
  13. Would it be a good idea to use internet chat abbreviations in dictionaries?
  14. What can we do to make the English language simpler?
  15. Does studying online make it easier for students to cheat?
  16. Does technology need to be implemented more widely in modern schools?
  17. Are innovations making us lazier by the day?
  18. How healthy will it be to preserve old buildings and give them the status of historical monuments?