Essay sample about Phobias

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It is natural to have some fears in life. However, it is not good if fears develop into phobias. According to many definitions, you should have noted that fears are real whereas phobias are vague. Phobias may be as a result of stress or previous experiences. Phobias are associated with how brains interpret certain situations. A phobia is anything or situation that is not harmful, but the mind sees it as life threatening. Though phobias may not be life threatening, they can significantly influence the way of life for affected people. Though situations that are interpreted by the brain as dangerous may not be dangerous at all, some phobias may pose a significant threat to lives.

Some of the Life Threatening Phobias

Life-threatening phobias are the phobias that make people change their way of lives in a way that may cause potential harm to them. Here are some of the life threatening phobias. The most dangerous known phobia is pharmacophobia. This is the fear of medication. Such persons fear taking medications even when they are suffering from fatal injuries or diseases. There is another group that is trypanophobia. This group is afraid of needles and any other health procedures that involve injections. It would thus be hard to save lives of such persons with the use of injections. They can also not be vaccinated if the vaccine has to be done via an injection. Apart from these two phobias, there is another phobia that entails great fear of doctors and hospitals. This kind of phobia is more prevalent in children. This kind of phobia is known as iatrophobia. Such people have to find a way of receiving treatment. The other phobia that is life threatening is cibophobia. A fear of food and is in most cases confused for eating disorders. People with this disorder refuse to eat a range of foods that are essential for a healthy body. They may choose not to go hungry than eat certain foods. These people are advised to visit a mental health professional.

Need of a Life Insurance

For those who suffer from these life threatening phobias, it is advisable that they visit an insurance company a find if there is a policy that covers such fears. This is important just to make sure that in case of death you leave behind some inheritance for your family. It will be difficult though for people that are nercophobia. This is fear of death. Such persons have a hard time and even drafting their will is complicated to them.