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It is natural to have some fears in life. However, it is not good if fears develop into phobias. According to many definitions, you should have noted that fears are real whereas phobias are vague. Phobias may be as a result of stress or previous experiences. Phobias are associated with how brains interpret certain situations. A phobia is anything or situation that is not harmful, but the mind sees it as life threatening. Though phobias may not be life threatening, they can significantly influence the way of life for affected people. Though situations that are interpreted by the brain as dangerous may not be dangerous at all, some phobias may pose a significant threat to lives.

Some of the Life Threatening Phobias

Life-threatening phobias are the phobias that make people change their way of lives in a way that may cause potential harm to them. Here are some of the life threatening phobias. The most dangerous known phobia is pharmacophobia. This is the fear of medication. Such persons fear taking medications even when they are suffering from fatal injuries or diseases. There is another group that is trypanophobia. This group is afraid of needles and any other health procedures that involve injections. It would thus be hard to save lives of such persons with the use of injections. They can also not be vaccinated if the vaccine has to be done via an injection. Apart from these two phobias, there is another phobia that entails great fear of doctors and hospitals. This kind of phobia is more prevalent in children. This kind of phobia is known as iatrophobia. Such people have to find a way of receiving treatment. The other phobia that is life threatening is cibophobia. A fear of food and is in most cases confused for eating disorders. People with this disorder refuse to eat a range of foods that are essential for a healthy body. They may choose not to go hungry than eat certain foods. These people are advised to visit a mental health professional.

Need of a Life Insurance

For those who suffer from these life threatening phobias, it is advisable that they visit an insurance company a find if there is a policy that covers such fears. This is important just to make sure that in case of death you leave behind some inheritance for your family. It will be difficult though for people that are nercophobia. This is fear of death. Such persons have a hard time and even drafting their will is complicated to them.

Where To Go In Search Of Expository Essay Examples In High School

Composing an expository essay is a common academic assignment in high school. However, if you face such a task for the first time, it’s advisable to look through several high-quality examples before you create your own paper. This will help you avoid common mistakes and structure your text in a proper way.

Where to Look for Expository Essay Samples

  1. Your teacher.
  2. It’s not likely that you’re the first student whom your teacher has asked to write an expository paper. They should have a lot of academic works composed by their previous students. If you ask them to provide you with samples, you’re likely to get what you need without any problems.

  3. Your school library.
  4. Looking for templates in a school library is similar to the option described above. The only difference is that you’ll be able to choose what exact papers you’ll use as examples. Don’t take copies of papers that have earned low scores. It’s likely that they contain many mistakes and are structured poorly.

  5. Your classmates.
  6. The chances are high that all students from your class also have received an assignment to compose an expository essay. Some of them may already have good templates to rely upon. Ask your classmates about this and get the copies of their samples. Keep in mind that such examples might be of poor quality.

  7. Academic centers.
  8. You can look for templates beyond your school. In a local academic center, you should be able to get a sample for any type of academic paper. The quality of such an example should be rather high because these organizations usually consist of professionals. Their services require payment, however.

  9. Online sources.
  10. You may also find plenty of expository paper examples on the web. Go to academic educational websites or student forums. Even asking your friends in social networks for help might bring you some positive results. The problem is that using free online sources, you cannot be sure in high quality of found samples. It’s better to use academic writing websites like

Tips for Writing an Expository Paper

In your academic assignment, you’ll have to investigate some topic and defend your position in relation to it. The main thing is to support all your statements with good evidence, so before you begin composing your essay, look for respectable sources to reference in your text. Make sure that you have, at least, three decent arguments to defend your thesis statement. Present each argument separately but make smooth transitions between them so that the reader clearly sees how they connect to each other.

Where Can I Get A Descriptive Essay Sample About An Object?

Descriptive essays are some of the easiest papers to write. One of the main reasons for this is because when you are working on this particular paper, all you are doing is presenting your ideas on what you see, or what you know. It could be a paper about something that only you know about, like your family. You could also be asked to write about something that perhaps a lot of other people know about, but you are supposed to write it from your own perspective. This is why you find it being one of the easiest papers to write so far.
It is also possible for you to write this paper from scratch, if you’ve never been able to get any support on it. With this in mind, you will need to get your hands on some sample papers to help you out. There are quite a number of these papers that are currently available in the market. Therefore you have to be very keen on where you look for them, and you will find it a lot easier to score the grades that you desire.
The following are some of the best sources of information that you can look into when you are searching for some samples for your descriptive essay about an object:

  1. Check the school library
  2. Consult your teacher
  3. Find help online
  • Check the school library
  • One of the best options you have so far is the school library. It would be a pity for you to struggle with this task when you have barely ever made it to the library. There are so many students who go to the library perhaps to make use of the quiet environment only to focus on their assignments and so forth.
    However, you can also come here and talk to your librarian about the prospect of getting some good samples that will work well for your paper.

  • Consult your teacher
  • Get in touch with your teacher if you are struggling with anything. Make sure that you tell them the areas where you are having a torrid time and they will find a way to help you out, usually with very good sample papers.

  • Find help online
  • With some good help online, there is a good chance that you will find it really easy to gain access to credible sample papers, so make sure you know how to search accordingly.

List of Useful Transition Words for Compare and Contrast Essays

The effective use of transition words is a key to great assignment writing. When it comes to writing a compare and contrast essay it’s a good idea to keep a list of good words to use when moving from one idea to the next. These words, presented by MyPaperWriter will help the reader understand exactly what it is you are trying to convey and can make your paper significantly more effective. Here’s a list to have handy as well as examples on how to use them:

Words showing comparisons:

  • In the same way – “In the same way fruit flies can on occasion multiply into a population well into the hundreds of thousands, just like the common housefly.”
  • Similarly – “Similarly, the Boston Red Sox used sabermetrics to build a team that within one year found much success and went on to win the World Series.”
  • Likewise – “Likewise, adolescent boys tend to develop poor sleeping habits as a result of unhealthy diets containing too much sugar”
  • In like manner – “In like manner a career in engineering is also accomplished much more easily when students engage in hands-on training.”

Words showing contrast:

  • Nevertheless – “Nevertheless, the better option is one in which one implements a system of gradual weight loss over a period of several weeks.”
  • Rather than – “Rather than trying to cram everything into one or two nights prior to the exam, students tend to do much better when they study over the course of several days.”
  • Despite this – “Despite this there is still one major difference in how one might find greater success by attending in-person classes: that’s peer participation.”
  • Still another — “Still another reason why you should always have a health check more frequently is because many health problems will not show any symptoms.”

Words that do both:

  • By the same token – “By the same token you can also gain a lot of practical experience by simply watching a demonstration of the process.”
  • Conversely – “Conversely, one can begin to lose weight by first dieting and then starting a healthy exercise program thereafter.”
  • In contrast – “In contrast, gradually making small differences in the way one eats and in the amount of activity they do each day can have great effects.”
  • However – “However, if one merely passively reads the material they will have a harder time processing the information and recalling it when he or she needs to think on the spot.”

List of 18 Unique Persuasive Essay Topics for College Students

Whether you are a college student who has received a persuasive essay writing assignment, or an instructor trying to come up with fresh topic ideas, this list of 18 unique persuasive essay topics is a valuable resource:

  1. Do you think that females should be allowed to play along with males in certain collegiate sports where there is no gender advantage or disadvantage?
  2. Should people who are cited for playing music too loudly face a stricter fine? What would that fine be?
  3. Do you think that students in U.S. high schools should be required to take Spanish courses because it is the second largest language spoken in the country?
  4. Should the U.S. government increase its financial support in the space program to explore distant planets?
  5. Do you think that people traveling on airplanes should have to undergo tougher screenings than the ones that exist today?
  6. Should there be mandatory curfews for people under a certain age? What would be the ideal age for this curfew?
  7. Should people who download movies and music illegally face stricter punishments to help deter the act of acquiring files with paying?
  8. How should immigration laws be reformed to appease the most people who are concerned about the issue in the United States?
  9. Do you think that standardized tests in high school should be offered in other languages for ESL students with less than five years in the country?
  10. Do you believe the federal government in the U.S. should fully recognize civil unions made at the state level?
  11. Should companies be required to hire a specific amount of minorities based on the region’s population?
  12. Should children 13 and younger be allowed to watch music videos? What about other shows that run on music channels?
  13. Should scientists be allowed to test products intended for human use on animals or is the price of this too barbaric?
  14. Should teenagers be allowed to buy violent video games or should there be an adult age restriction on those games enforced by retailers?
  15. Should the government impose stricter federal restrictions on the content that is made available on the internet?
  16. Do you believe that people should have to get a license before having children? What would be a reasonable penalty for not having a license?
  17. Do you think high school and college athletes should be on the honor roll at their schools before they are allowed to participate in games?
  18. Should sexual education continue to be taught in public high schools? Do you think it should be a greater part of the curriculum?

Find more ideas at

List Of 18 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

There are several ways of writing an argumentative paper. These are generally deliberated over once you have made up your mind on the topic of the paper. And this is one of the most important ways in which you can gain success at a higher level: by selecting the right topic of the paper. The topic should be one that reflects the ideals of a good paper and at the same time combines the essentials of the paper as well.

The style of the topic

This might sound a little unfamiliar. But even topics or titles of academic papers have their own individual styles. This will come much later once you are confident about the scale and scope of the topic that you have selected.
The real important question here is how confident you are about the topic you have selected. There are some really important and interesting topics that can be deliberated over. Here are a few of those for your consideration.

18 good argumentative essay ideas college:

  1. Is it true that you can make more friends if you smoke?
  2. Should students of a school as teachers as their friends on social media?
  3. Is it true that you can never move beyond the perceived first impression of a person?
  4. Will you agree that conflicts are an integral part of any healthy relationship?
  5. Is making lecture attendance optional a good idea?
  6. Is it an obsolete concept to adopt ethics in business?
  7. Is it ethical for companies to copy the marketing campaigns of their competitors?
  8. Would it be apt to ban all energy drinks at once?
  9. Would you consider China a new superpower?
  10. Will it be professionals to allow access of social media sires to employees at work?
  11. Will it be wise for companies to send Happy Birthday wishes to clients?
  12. How prudent will it be to shorten Shakespeare’s plays to make them more interesting?
  13. Would it be a good idea to use internet chat abbreviations in dictionaries?
  14. What can we do to make the English language simpler?
  15. Does studying online make it easier for students to cheat?
  16. Does technology need to be implemented more widely in modern schools?
  17. Are innovations making us lazier by the day?
  18. How healthy will it be to preserve old buildings and give them the status of historical monuments?

How To Write Expository Essays – 10 Fundamental Rules

There are no said or unsaid rules defined for something like the descriptive form of writing. But the same cannot be said about the expository form of essay composition. You will have to go by some defined and a few unsaid rules when writing the expository format. Here are ten such rules that you might not be aware of.

  1. A sharp introduction
  2. Unlike the descriptive form, you cannot afford to have an exceedingly long introduction for the expository form. There are several other chapters at stake. Keep the introduction as short and sharp as possible.

  3. More facts, less arguments
  4. The expository is all about informing the readers about the subject. To this effect, you will need to make sure there are lots of facts in the paper and very less arguments.

  5. Expository is all about the shape
  6. The shape that you provide to the paper is very important in the overall context. You run the risk of being drab while trying to speak mere facts.

  7. Organically connected paragraphs
  8. The paragraphs cannot look like they have been imported from different papers and pasted on this one. You should make sure they resemble each other with an organic connection.

  9. Essential seasoning with diction
  10. The diction is one scope you have so that the paper does not look dull and drab. You will have to make sure there are evenly spaced out variants.

  11. Brevity of thought
  12. The way you present your thoughts throughout the paper should reflect your knowledge of the subject. It is important not to meander with the structure of the sentences. Keep them composed and pointed.

  13. Clarity in composition
  14. This extends from the brevity of thought. The sentences should be composed in a manner that does not appear to overlap each other and create a sense of uniformity throughout.

  15. Binding conclusion
  16. The conclusion of the paper must bind all you know. While it is not advisable to go for an extensively long conclusion in an expository essay, you should make sure what you have is not too lax either.

  17. No errors in consistency
  18. It is important that the facts in different parts of the paper do not appear to be at loggerheads with one another as the reader goes through the length.

  19. Deductive reasoning
  20. This is an important part of the expository format that ma run the risk of missing. Make sure the facts are derived from their predecessors.

A List Of Compelling Topics For A College-Level Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays can be quite interesting and useful at the same time. Many public speakers, researchers and activists make use of the influential power of the papers to help their cause, earn funding, convince the public of a particular point of view. A little research will reveal how common persuasive essays are in our everyday life.
One does not simply write a paper, they must be fully aware of the purpose and type of essay they intend to compose. This allows the author to strategically design the best ways of accomplishing their goal, making for an excellent paper. The following is a list of compelling topics for a college level argumentative essay:

  1. Why penis size should matter and people need to stop pretending that it does not.
  2. Attractive girls are over rated and usually lack personality, average girls are the best.

  3. Jocks on the sports teams may get more attention, but they also achieve less success.

  4. If I’m attracted to my teacher, I should be able to express this.

  5. Students driving to school in personal vehicles is a bad practice and teaches children nothing about environmental care.

  6. Everything that I am learning in college will be useless to me when I seek employment.

  7. All schools should require students to wear uniforms.

  8. Women should be allowed to sell sexual acts if that lifestyle suits them.

  9. Why are so many people supportive of gun ownership when guns have been responsible for so many school shootings.

  10. What are the conditions that justify abortion?

  11. Are there any benefits, besides weaponry, to having nuclear power?

  12. How safe are you, someone from the developed world, from the effects of child labor?

  13. Is freedom of speech real, or is it just an illusion when really, speech is carefully controlled by the government?

  14. Drug tests are not fair and many people simply continue using drugs after being employed anyways.

  15. The things in life that determines a person’s moral standing and beliefs.

  16. Every student should have the right to choose other paths in life and governments should do more to encourage this.

  17. Women wearing revealing clothing is sexual abuse to men.

  18. Do women get friends zoned, or are all men simply always ready to have sex?

  19. Prisoners should be allowed to vote while serving prison sentences.

  20. Has online dating managed to significantly replace dating in person, in real life places?

5 Steps You Should Take to Compose a Winning Thesis Statement for an Expository Essay

The thesis statement of your paper is what your paper is all about. This statement will tell the reader what they will be learning about once they start to read your paper. When you are going to write your expository thesis statement, you will be telling the reader what you are going to explain to them or what parts of the topic you will be covering in your essay. Now that you know what kind of thesis statement you are going to write, now you can now learn how to develop one.

5 Steps on How to Develop Your Thesis Statement

  • Step one is first to decide what topic you will be covering or the subject area you will be writing about. You can usually pick your topic but if you are assigned a topic then use that one.
  • Step two is where you do all of the research on your subject. This will give you insight into the topic and then you will be able to narrow down what you are going to write about on the topic and help you find out how you will approach the topic.
  • Step three is considering how you will be wording your thesis statement. You want it to be clear, and it has to convey your concepts and main ideas that you will be talking about in your paper.
  • Step four is where you write your thesis statement. Keep in mind this is a statement and not a question.
  • Step five is where you start to do more research and start writing your paper. And you can change your thesis statement if you find a different way to approach your paper. And that is okay; your final thesis statement might be completely different from the first one. Sometimes these change because you found new information or decide to take your topic in a different direction.

The main point about writing a thesis statement is that you need to figure out how you will approach the topic, and you can adjust it as you go on with research and writing your paper. There are many facts out there on topics, and most people don’t use their first thesis statement, so if you find something more interesting, then change your thesis statement, you will be glad you did once your finished.

Where To Look For The Best Argumentative Essays Examples

You all know how important it is to have an essay example so that you can refer to it and write a good one yourself. In life, the best things may be free, but when you want an essay example, then you need to search a lot. It is up to you whether you are ready to pay or how you will search deeply for getting the best example.

Here, I will tell you about some sources you can look at for finding the best argumentative essay examples.

  • Most libraries in the college universities and schools contain good essays which are either written by former students or by the tutor. You just need to sort the best ones from the junk but don’t underestimate the books or papers available that are found in libraries as that is what they are there for.
  • Looking on the web to find the best ones can be little tricky. Some sites may promise you to provide the best material, but at last, what you get will not be worth it. Some may even charge you. The problem with the search on the internet is that the matter you will get will be visible to everyone so it will not be original.
  • If you are willing to pay, and you are assured to get the best example, then pay for an example. Find writers that have been there for two to three years and are well known to the students of colleges and schools.
  • University sources are the best sources for getting the best example; they contain writing assistants and tutors. Find a tutor who is close to you and ask him/her to tell you about some good examples. Learn from them and start working on the topic you need to write about.

So, if you are in search for the best example, try looking at the above-discussed sources, and you will surely get a good example which will help you in writing the best one. There are a large number of sources available, but very few will provide the very best examples that you are searching for. The sources discussed above will surely provide you with the best examples. So try referring to one of the above-discussed sources and then you can write one yourself. It is not a difficult task to find a good example; you just need to find the reliable sources.