What Is An Auditing Essay And How To Write It

Imagine: you are the CEO of rivers of Life Company. You have gone for holiday after a long season of hard work. You want to be far from everyone, so you switch off your cell phone.  You are relaxing on the couch, and then the TV presenter’s voice interrupts your thoughts; “over 500 employees from rivers of life company have gone on strike today following…” while this is just an imagination, without auditing, your firm faces this and more risks.  Auditing is the evaluation of an organization, project, or product. It helps the organization to access possible risks, and areas that the company needs to improve. It also provides you with a comprehension of the company’s financial records.  An audit essay is written as a report consequent to auditing. This is one of the terrific pieces, providing you with profound dexterity on audit essays.


The favorable working environment for audit essays

A favorable working environment for is a recipe to first grades in auditing essays, cost accounting essays, and other genres of essays. Ensure that your environment is well ventilated. The temperature must be favorable. While a very cold environment is a recipe for coughing, a very hot environment is a catalyst of sleep. Ensure that your environment does not have distracters, such as, very loud music, children, or TV. Again, ensure that you are physically fit; with the exception of hunger or pain. World’s best essay writers have more tips on the same.

Using the comma in audit essays

Despite the fact that it is one of the smallest parts of an essay, its significance is prevailing.  Whether you are writing an essay in auditing, cost accounting essay, or any other essay genre, the comma must be used in the following approaches;

It joins two sentences with a linking word. Examples of linking words include; ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’, and ‘because’, among others. The exception of a joining word in this case results to run-on sentences.

The second use of a comma is separating addresses and large numbers. For example; $5,500,100, and 2988B, Accra Road.

The third use of the comma is adding extra information to a basic sentence. The added information may be in the beginning, middle or at the end. While adding information in the beginning, or at the end, you will only need one comma. For example; however, I finished writing my cost accounting essays on time. On the other hand, while adding information in the middle, you must use two commas, on either side.  For example; the student, who had scored the highest mark in cost accounting essays, was a hard worker.

Finally, the comma is used to separate a list of items in a series. For example; whether you are writing an argument essay, cost accounting essay, narrative essay, definition essay, you must have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

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Audit essay writing skills

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