16 Original Accounting Essay Topics

Students taking up accountancy courses are required to write quite a number of essays about accounting on various topics. Accounting is a broad discipline that touches on all business aspects including finance, economics, management and business education among others. It, therefore, presents a wide range of accounting essay topics possibilities that a student tackle.

It is normal for students to get confused whenever asked to write an essay about accounting. Some even struggle to write their essays because of poor choice of accounting essay topics. A key step in resolving this problem is to enlist the services of a professional accounting essay writer.


How to choose accounting essay topics

Expert Masters and PhD accounting researchers encourage students to do a preliminary research on the discipline. Its easy to study an area of interest by dividing it to four main groups: internal auditing, government accountants, public accountants and management accountants. These groups can be subdivided further and narrowed down to sub topics.  A student should choose a good topic from any of these subdivisions.

Another reliable method of selecting accounting essay topics is to monitor current issues in the accounting sector, particularly those that appear on news. If still unable to select an appropriate topic for your essay about accounting, do not hesitate to seek help from our experts.

Here, are some examples of accounting essay topics to help you brainstorm in order to find a suitable one:

  1. Discuss the differences between throughput accounting and activity based accounting. Define cost accounting
  2. Compare and contrast between finance accounting and managerial accounting.
  3. Analyze and discuss problems that arose from the Federal budget process
  4. Describe the process, of forming a profit or non-profit organization.
  5. How would the use of full value accounting benefit investors in financial statements?
  6. Explain the causes of widespread nonpayment of tax in the country and, how this can be resolved.
  7. CAPM (capital asset pricing model) is widely used in pricing commodities, in most industries. Explain reasons for its popularity while noting that its majorly based on assumptions.
  8. Describe accounting ethics in regard to decision making
  9. Talk about the history of accounting and its role in business
  10. Describe the growth, of accounting during the period between 1960 and 1980
  11. Analyze the current issues affecting management accounting
  12. What is strategic management accounting?
  13. What are the key responsibilities of Certified Public Accoun
  14. What are the benefits of accounting in businesses?
  15. Describe the process of doing a budget in financial accounting
  16. How can strategic accounting facilitate better financial decision-making?

Hopefully, the above accounting essay topics suit your needs. Remember that a good essay about accounting is that which elicits controversy and provides room for further research. For assistance is selecting suitable accounting essay topics, consult experts. Alternatively, pay to get an already written essay about accounting on a topic of your choice at an affordable price.