A List Of Compelling Topics For A College-Level Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays can be quite interesting and useful at the same time. Many public speakers, researchers and activists make use of the influential power of the papers to help their cause, earn funding, convince the public of a particular point of view. A little research will reveal how common persuasive essays are in our everyday life.
One does not simply write a paper, they must be fully aware of the purpose and type of essay they intend to compose. This allows the author to strategically design the best ways of accomplishing their goal, making for an excellent paper. The following is a list of compelling topics for a college level argumentative essay:

  1. Why penis size should matter and people need to stop pretending that it does not.
  2. Attractive girls are over rated and usually lack personality, average girls are the best.

  3. Jocks on the sports teams may get more attention, but they also achieve less success.

  4. If I’m attracted to my teacher, I should be able to express this.

  5. Students driving to school in personal vehicles is a bad practice and teaches children nothing about environmental care.

  6. Everything that I am learning in college will be useless to me when I seek employment.

  7. All schools should require students to wear uniforms.

  8. Women should be allowed to sell sexual acts if that lifestyle suits them.

  9. Why are so many people supportive of gun ownership when guns have been responsible for so many school shootings.

  10. What are the conditions that justify abortion?

  11. Are there any benefits, besides weaponry, to having nuclear power?

  12. How safe are you, someone from the developed world, from the effects of child labor?

  13. Is freedom of speech real, or is it just an illusion when really, speech is carefully controlled by the government?

  14. Drug tests are not fair and many people simply continue using drugs after being employed anyways.

  15. The things in life that determines a person’s moral standing and beliefs.

  16. Every student should have the right to choose other paths in life and governments should do more to encourage this.

  17. Women wearing revealing clothing is sexual abuse to men.

  18. Do women get friends zoned, or are all men simply always ready to have sex?

  19. Prisoners should be allowed to vote while serving prison sentences.

  20. Has online dating managed to significantly replace dating in person, in real life places?