5 Steps You Should Take to Compose a Winning Thesis Statement for an Expository Essay

The thesis statement of your paper is what your paper is all about. This statement will tell the reader what they will be learning about once they start to read your paper. When you are going to write your expository thesis statement, you will be telling the reader what you are going to explain to them or what parts of the topic you will be covering in your essay. Now that you know what kind of thesis statement you are going to write, now you can now learn how to develop one.

5 Steps on How to Develop Your Thesis Statement

  • Step one is first to decide what topic you will be covering or the subject area you will be writing about. You can usually pick your topic but if you are assigned a topic then use that one.
  • Step two is where you do all of the research on your subject. This will give you insight into the topic and then you will be able to narrow down what you are going to write about on the topic and help you find out how you will approach the topic.
  • Step three is considering how you will be wording your thesis statement. You want it to be clear, and it has to convey your concepts and main ideas that you will be talking about in your paper.
  • Step four is where you write your thesis statement. Keep in mind this is a statement and not a question.
  • Step five is where you start to do more research and start writing your paper. And you can change your thesis statement if you find a different way to approach your paper. And that is okay; your final thesis statement might be completely different from the first one. Sometimes these change because you found new information or decide to take your topic in a different direction.

The main point about writing a thesis statement is that you need to figure out how you will approach the topic, and you can adjust it as you go on with research and writing your paper. There are many facts out there on topics, and most people don’t use their first thesis statement, so if you find something more interesting, then change your thesis statement, you will be glad you did once your finished.